Infrastructure and packing


Our manufacturing and processing unit is at Nizamabd , the premises spread over a 1,00,000 Sq Feets.

The factory premises has drying plot form , processing shead , pulverizing shed and final product packing building . with latest cleaning grading processing pulverizing and packing machinery.

Cleaning & Separating

Intially plotform is used to dry turmeric and remove stone and other forigen material from it and the it sent cleaning machine.


Grading is sorting the raw material according to various size and quality standards such as colour, size, aroma, etc.

Turmeric polishing

The clean and graded raw material is now moved for polishing in polishin machinery , here the turmeric is polished natural way to get basic colour it .


Pulverizing is a reduction of size to convert in powder form . This process takes place temperature controlled machinery to retain aroma colour and natural anti septic properties and the characteristics intact.


Packaging is the done as per the requirement technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale and use. We use the most advanced form fill seal machines to pack the products which add an aesthetic appeal and make the products attractive to the buyers. A metal detector and a cartoning machine are then used to ready the packs in a carton for shipping.


We source quality raw materials directly from growing region in the country to produce the high quality final product.